Changing plans

Carla, one of the baristas at Starbucks, lives on the road that they’re resurfacing every night, at the moment. She said she wasn’t bothered by the constant beep, beep that kept Mirinda from sleep last night. Then again, when I asked Carla if they slept with the windows closed she said “Of course!” as if this was a stupid question.

Today, on the building site, lots of bricks were laid. Plans were also made. I saw Dave and he reckons I’ll need to move out sooner than we’d planned simply because the house won’t be safe. This is because of the beams that need to go in and the Acro props that will be holding everything in the air until they are.

So, I’ll need to book the dogs in for a little bit longer and spend an extra fortnight at Canary Wharf. It also means that the next three weeks will, basically, be about packing stuff.

Anyway, today Mirinda found out what it’s like having builders working at your house. She’s not that keen. Though she’ll be here alone with them tomorrow since I’m off to Edinburgh. At least I introduced her to Paul yesterday.

This is how they left it today:


It’s starting to look like more than just a mud pile.

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2 Responses to Changing plans

  1. flip100 says:

    Oh dear things are getting complicated pity you cant leave the dogs with some one.
    The house looks awful still give it a few weeks and it will be lovely.
    love mum x

  2. Mirinda says:

    It’s looking even less like a mud pile now – but there still is literally a really big mud pile

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