Sausage & Mash

It’s rather odd that, in Beijing, I spent a lot of time in Sarah’s company, having not really known her before and since Beijing, I haven’t seen her at all. This was bought home to me this evening at the flat.

Today Mirinda and Sarah were in Gloucester for a meeting and they travelled back together. When I turned up for Date Night, they were both sitting on the lounge, studying a laptop and discussing something educational. I can’t report what it was about because, I have to confess, I switched off.

Anyway, Sarah has invited us to her place one Wednesday for, as she calls it ‘supper’. No firm date yet, but we’re looking forward to it, not least of all because we’ll get to meet her husband.

Sarah left after a while and we set off for Canteen for dinner. I had a delicious sausage and mash followed by caramel ice cream while Mirinda had the chicken then crumble. We always like dining at Canteen, particularly after Christmas as there’s not so many smokers congregating outside.

I’ve started watching The Walking Dead on my tablet during long plane/train journeys, tonight being no exception. It makes the trip go very quickly.

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  1. Wall that will be nice for the four of you always good to meet new people,Dad has a lovely new Dr at the hospital called Carlos and he rung us at home to ask after dad never happened before.
    love mum x


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