Making amendments

Mirinda is leading the discussion at her book group next week so there was a bit of time spent researching both book (The Old English Baron) and author (Clara Reeves) today. This information was then collected together in a very long Word document. It was my job to clean up the information and formatting throughout.

Earlier we took a long, pre-lunch walk around Hankley, which looked lovely beneath the scudding clouds and generally blue skies.


Dinner was the very naughty, Joey layer cake followed by hazelnut rice pudding, a recipe I’ve been working on. The rice pudding turned out a lot better than last time but there’s still room for improvement. Mirinda was distressed that there wasn’t any burnt bits down the sides of the ramekin. When I told her that that had been a mistake, she said it was the tastiest mistake I’ve ever made.

After a few episodes of the marvellous Broadchurch, which was filmed around Bridport where we spent a lovely two weeks a few years ago, I then sat in the office making her document look a bit more sensible.

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  1. Hope we get Broadchurch looks great and I love the burn bits to.
    love mum xx

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