Part of the 10%

According to the president of Coca Cola Europe, 90% of the British population like (and drink) Coke. This probably explains why it’s the only grocery product to have had sales of over £1bn. Extraordinary. I have no idea why it’s so popular. I find it horrible. I’ll only drink it if I’m desperate for some liquid and it’s all there is.

Most of today was spent readying myself for my flight tomorrow. It also included a lovely walk around the park with the poodles. It’ll be their last walk for a month so we made the most of it.

Subsequently, there’s not much to blog about. So, here’s a few, final flowers from the garden.



I can’t remember what the one above is called (which is why I’ve called it ‘Spiro’) but it has decided to perk up since Mirinda ripped out the weeds around it last week. I reckon the red bits look very similar to a coke can.

Golden tulip

Golden tulip

The day was a bit blustery with occasional rain and most of the tulips were looking a bit battered and wet. This was the best golden tulip I could find.

Office bed

Office bed

And a final office bed photo. The daffodils are all finished but the tulips are still looking good. Sadly they probably won’t be when we get back home.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I am a bit late in replying but the flowers still look lovely to me and hope they last till you get back. love mum x

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