Who would have thunk it

I have started reading The Group by Mary McCarthy. For years, I’ve said ‘who’d have thunk it?’ which I first heard when I saw the film based on the novel. I have always promised myself that I would read the novel, and I’ve finally started. And there it was on the very first page. “Who would have thunk it?” says ‘Pokey’ Prothero.

And, while I’ve only read the first chapter, it’s brilliant. But I do not understand why it was banned in Australia back in the 60’s. Who would have thunk that?

I started reading The Group while reclining on the sun lounger on the terrace, having managed to prepare the house for the upcoming arrival. It was while I was reading that a small group of, what appeared to be, baby sparrows, decided to emulate our resident robin and feed on the seed in the extension. The girls kept guard, in case something untoward appeared.

It was another glorious day with the temperature remaining sub 30 with a slight breeze. As someone said this morning, as I passed them on the school run, we are being spoiled and will wind up having to pay for it. I gave a knowing grimace, realising the truth in his words.

However, it’s important to live in the moment, so I enjoyed the weather.

Most important, there was a walk into town to shop and deliver a couple of muffins to Sue before returning to housework and puppy walk. I may also have played some rather loud music for a bit.

Eventually (just before 6pm) Carol drove up and deposited Denise at our door. Carol really is quite remarkable. She hasn’t seen Denise for years and has only met her once and yet, she found her without the benefit of holding a sign up with her surname on it. She did the same with Bob as well.

We’re really going to miss her when she stops driving the cab.

Denise and I spent the rest of the evening nattering, mostly about her experience of travelling business class, before heading to bed. She also had a couple of muffins. I managed to resist opening one of the 68 packets of Tim Tams she brought with her.

Who would have thunk it?

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Hi Denise!! What flavour Tim tams??

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