The carnival is in town

This morning, when we took the dogs on an early walk to the castle, in the field opposite the golf course, the carnival trucks and rides had started to arrive. They had been parked in the typical circle formation one expects from American westerns involving wagons and arrows.

I dare say, I would have known about it had I recorded a Talking Newspaper edition in the last month but, for whatever reasons, I haven’t, so, I didn’t.

I suppose the show will start this weekend. We’ll not be attending. Not because we don’t like carnivals but because we’ll be in Cornwall. Though, to fair, I’m not that keen on carnivals.

Interestingly, on this morning’s walk, we saw heaps of people. Most walking dogs but with a smattering of joggers (some also with dogs) and one, lone golfer who stopped to tell us that his daughter, who was visiting last week, stopped at every tree in the avenue in order to photograph the moss. We never found out why.

He stopped to talk because I’d noticed a carving in one of the trees which I photographed years ago, vowing to photograph regularly and then instantly forgot. I wonder whatever happened to the love between Thomas and Erika. Or did they forget about their carving as quickly as I did?

I explained to the lone golfer what I was photographing. I think he was disappointed that I wasn’t photographing the moss. Though he did get his phone to take a photo of the carving, possibly to send to his daughter.

After so long on our own, it was fun having Denise along with us. If nothing else, it gave me the opportunity to talk to another human. While I dearly love the cockerpoos, their conversational skills are pretty basic.

After our walk, we decided to head into Farnham for a latte then brunch. The girls weren’t happy about being left on their own but, hey, that’s all part of being a dog. Besides, they have to protect the little birds, something they are very good at.

In fact, for most of the afternoon and evening on this, the longest day, they chased away the pigeons in order to allow the voracious sparrows to gobble up all the seed. And, of course, they ignored our very friendly robin as it bravely hopped further and further into the extension, almost within pecking range of Denise’s foot.

Our brunch was at Bill’s, still wrapped in it’s weather proof overcoat of scaffolding and temporary, galvanised roof. Of course, we ate far too much and remained full for the rest of the day.

Late on, I introduced Denise to the Reading Hour, which she embraced wholeheartedly though she didn’t have a vodka.

And, in answer to Mirinda’s question regarding the Tim Tam flavours…this is what is currently residing in the Coat Cupboard.

We started on the ‘chewy caramel’ shortly before bed. As a treat. I don’t know if we were in with a chance of the 3 wishes $100,000 competition because Denise didn’t keep the receipt to prove purchase. As she said, “Who keeps the receipt?

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Me I keep receipts in a special box

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