I discovered lots of nails

Today marked our 80th day in Sweden. This is the longest we’ve been anywhere except for Australia and England. Though, if you add up all the separate days we’ve spent in France over the years, it adds up to 217. So we have a fair bit to go.

It didn’t snow today, regardless of the Mirinda Phone Forecast. Mind you, the temperature didn’t manage to get above zero so there was still a light dusting in most places. Not in the immediate vicinity of the house though. It must be a tiny heat island.

Not that I experienced a lot of outside today. I spent most of the day test driving the new dryer (see yesterday) and generally cleaning the house.

One thing that has amazed me is the wood burner in the house. It’s tricky to light and even trickier to empty. Today, though, I managed to get right into it, one gloved hand scraping the bottom. There, I discovered, a lot of nails.

I can only imagine someone burned wood with nails in it. I can’t see why anyone would put nails in a fire. Though, the fire has quite a narrow opening, so the wood with the nails must have been quite small.

The nails had to go because, as I removed the old ashes (there was a lot) the nails dropped down into the cleaning slot at the bottom, stopping the ash drawer from closing.

All very mysterious but now, thankfully, they have all gone. And the fire should light and heat a lot more efficiently. Job done.

I did manage to go outside for a bit. Emma insisted I take her out the back and throw a stick for her.

She didn’t want to stop, but, after almost an hour, I had to because I was getting chilly. Freya, of course, joined us outside, but she, like me, started feeling the cold and jumped onto my lap and buried herself in my fleece for warmth.

Not that she started there. Freya is very inquisitive. She spent quite a while watching a guy next door and his truck. The guy had reversed the truck onto the road and sat, engine running, doing nothing. She decided to sit and watch until he did something. She sat for a while. Eventually, he turned the engine off.

Mirinda, of course, managed to get out and about. She took the girls for an early walk then went up to the café to work. In the afternoon she took them for another walk while making work phone calls.

In wrist news, Mirinda’s is still very sore. I’m going to research getting a separate keyboard for her Mac to see if that helps.

I have only just realised that laptops have keyboards that lay flat. Back in the desktop computer days, keyboards had little legs at the back which meant you typed at an angle. When typing, wrists should be in a neutral position which is not achieved when the keyboard is flat. I think I need to get a keyboard slope.

Being her right hand, makes normal, every day tasks, quite a trial. Hopefully things will improve soon.

A bright spot of the day was having an intermittent but jolly WhatsApp chat with Nicktor. It was almost like he was here.

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