Express dryer delivery

It snowed today and the temperature was below zero. This means it sticks around. Mind you, there wasn’t a lot of snow. Just flurries and little flakes on the breeze. Still, the world looked lovely if somewhat chilly.

According to Mirinda’s phone, we may have snow all week. According to my phone, we won’t. We shall see.

I went out in it twice today. Being Monday means shopping at Trollbäckens centrum so I set off with my trolley, caught a bus then wandered around Hem Kop for essentials. Shopping thrice a week suits me so much better than a big shop every Sunday. I can easily choose food for two or three days. It’s even easier when we eat out for one of them.

And, in the interests of sausage equality, following the chipolatas last week, tonight we had sausages of a different size. They looked a bit frankfurter but tasted more bratwurst.

When I returned home, I decided I needed to head out again. Mirinda has been saying her right wrist and arm are aching. The arm is possibly a trapped nerve but the wrist sounds a bit RSI-ish. This is possibly from throwing a rank moose head for Emma.

Not a real moose head, I hasten to add. It came off a soft throw toy we bought her. She loves searching for it then returning it to Mirinda to be thrown again. And again. The repetition may have triggered some sort of strain in her wrist.

Anyway, I figured a wrist strap would help manage it and figured the best place to find one would be Tyresö Centrum. And, I was right. Okay, not at the chemist where I thought there would be one but at the sports store.

Hopefully it’ll help. Something else that should help is the bottle of Swedish gin I bought her. If nothing else, the bottle is very sleek and sexy. Very minimalist.

The rest of the day was spent doing housework. Except for when Camilla came over with a couple of Polish chaps. They were here to replace the clothes dryer.

On Saturday, the old dryer died. On Sunday, Mirinda texted Camilla. On Sunday evening, Anders came over to discuss it. This afternoon, at around 4:30, a new one arrived.

That is ridiculously efficient and remarkably generous. I don’t know where in the UK you could get that sort of service. Well, unless you went and bought one off the shelf and installed it yourself, I guess.

Anyway, before we knew it, we had a new dryer. And, coincidentally, it’s the same as the one we had at Yngsjö. Which is handy because there’s no instructions. Now, I just need to remember a few Swedish laundry words…

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