Working around the pleasures

Mirinda had another very busy work day today. She is currently trying to fill an important role which will report into her. Because of this, she has to take part in the job interview process. Today there were four interviews, the Weekly Rathaus and the normal work stuff.

Rest breaks had to be taken if and when it was possible. One, impromptu break came when one of the interviewees had technical problems and couldn’t stay connected. That was greeted with cheers in this house.

Our walk, then, consisted of a wander around the streets first thing.

In many other contexts that may sound quite dull, but hereabouts that comprises quite a lot of lovely woodland.

Starting from the house, we walked to one side of the front garden and just headed off down a woodland track. There’s a strange attempt at a barrier at one point, made from a pair of crossed branches. This might be for trail bikes because it’s not a serious problem for walkers. Or their dogs.

At the bottom of quite a steep hill, the path opens up (under a chain) into a cul-de-sac, and we found ourselves walking between elaborate houses, separated by great distances of flat, featureless gardens. Lamps spread warm light from curtainless windows.

We’ve noticed a lot of houses with lamps in the windows, even in daylight, here. I can only think it’s to imply cosiness, hygge, winter warmth. It does make the houses feel inviting and pleasant when the day is grey and gloomy.

As we walked, the landscaped changed from houses to woods and back again. For a walk around a block, it was very delightfully changeable.

We finally found ourselves on a very flat road out of town. At least that’s what it felt (and looked) like. Farmsteads replaced houses until we reached a small area of houses again.

All the while we heard the grinding of graders up ahead. I can only imagine they are working on a new build. It probably explains the explosions we’ve been hearing over the last few days. There’s plenty of boulders that need shifting around here. I guess they need to blast away the top in order to put a house (or out building) on them.

I made myself invisible for most of the day as Mirinda went from one important thing to another.

The biggest highlight of my day was receiving the scans for next week’s Magazine issue of FATN from Ann. They all had a big flash splodge in the middle of each page. It rendered them unreadable.

It turned out she had used the scan function on her phone with a flash. The glossy paper reflected the flash nicely. She scanned them all on her printer instead which made things perfect. So, not a catastrophe. And, on a more fun filled day, hardly worth the mention.

In passing, I read today that most Republican voters in America are convinced there was electoral fraud based on absolutely no evidence. It occurred to me that that explains segregation.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    I’m not sure that anything I do is important. At least Yahry’s research and talking newspaper has a clear benefit to some people. I suspect by FTSE100+officeforstudents endless activity and over planning is just a noisy treadmill…

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