Mitt namn är Yahry Frederickson

We were going to the beach today. Mirinda had found one just 30 minutes drive away. We were going to walk by the Baltic. We’ve missed it since leaving the wonderful beaches at Yngsjö and Åhus. The girls, too, have been longing for a run on the sand.

The weather had other ideas.

It rained in the night. I know because I heard it. It’s the first rain we’ve actually heard. We’ve seen a bit of wispy, misty water droplets since being here but last night was the first real rain.

When we woke up, the weather didn’t look good and it continued to look worse as the day marched on. Without telling the girls, we decided the beach was not going to happen. We figured we’d try again on Monday.

Instead of the beach, we went to Tyresö Centrum.

Tyresö Centrum is a shopping centre not far from us. I guess it’s our local big shop. Trollbäcken Centrum is a good deal closer but it doesn’t have a shopping centre and the shops are somewhat smaller.

Mirinda has been before. Twice. The second time she bought 18 toothbrush heads for which she was overcharged. Today she took them back, asked for and received a refund. In fact, the guy who served her was super pleasant.

While she was being served, I found a lovely chef’s knife, deep frypan and various bits and bobs. I was in heaven in the kitchen section.

The house has plenty of stuff but nothing really perfect for my exacting cooking needs. Of course, I hadn’t realised how much I needed a super sharp knife until I made dinner with my new one and tried to bleed myself dry. The frantic band-aid hunt made me a bit more careful.

We also had a coffee in the first café we came to. What a wonderful idea. I was served the best latte I’ve had so far in Sweden. The coffee was perfect, the temperature was perfect, everything was perfect. Well, almost. I had caramel instead of hazelnut but, even so, there wasn’t too much. All round, an excellent latte.

We even found the bottle shop. The one that Alex said was there. Though Thomas thought it was over the road. It wasn’t.

I had a pleasant time buying a couple of bottles of excellent rioja and a few IPAs to try.

The Swedish government has a monopoly on any alcohol stronger than 3.5% and you can only buy it in the government shops. Even so, the prices are comparable to Waitrose and the variety staggering. It’s like Dan Murphys but so much nicer. And the staff are very pleasant.

Back at the house, the rest of the day was spent with work (Mirinda) and various around the house jobs (me).

Actually, my biggest job was putting together Mirinda’s desk which arrived from the new Swedish Amazon today. It was delivered by a lovely Kenyan chap. He’d guessed I wasn’t Swedish. When I asked why he said because of my name. I agreed with him and said I should call myself Cookson. He laughed and suggested my first name should be Yahry. Yahry Cookson.

Mind you, to be completely accurate I should be Yahry Frederickson.

And, just in passing…

I spotted this less than glamorous photograph of the British Prime Minister this morning.

It made me wonder why the British taxpayer should be paying for special Number 10 labelled masks. Particularly when the British taxpayer has already paid a lot of money for no masks, only recently. Or is it one of the 50 million the government bought which are actually useless? I guess Britain can hope for the latter.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Yahry Frederiksson – you are growing more Svenska by the minute!

    I think that is how you would spell Frederiksson btw

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