Yesterday’s glorious sunset

Frensham Little Pond always looks amazing but, I think, it looks its best when the sun is out, the time is drawing towards sunset, a few wispy clouds are above and the sky is reflected on the surface of the water. From the end where the sluice gates reside, looking towards the Bronze Age barrows, the view is just perfect.

It only lacks the two resident swans who regularly float upon the unruffled surface. Perhaps it was the little dog that was causing the ripples in the photo that gave the swans pause.

A woman whose dog was rather possessive of her tennis ball – she sat down and dared our two to even come near – told us how amazing the sunset had been yesterday. She brought her camera with her today in case the glory was repeated. She didn’t have her camera with her yesterday. Sadly she wasn’t going to capture the magnificence today.

There were quite a few people at Frensham this evening. Though it was a bit chilly for even paddling, a couple of kids were playing in the sand at the edge of the never lapping water, getting decidedly wet. Most of the people we saw, and we saw many, were walking dogs or little kids.

There was a huge family group all thoroughly enjoying the early evening. Little kids in tow, parents chatting, all slowly making their way around the pond. Just another part of what makes Frensham such a wonderful place to walk.

I even managed to get a photo of Mirinda looking out from Carmen’s Spot.

At home I made Sabrina Ghayour’s roasted cod loins, roasted baby courgettes and griddled veg, all of which went down a treat.

Most of the day was spent doing laundry (being a Tuesday) which I actually managed to hang on the line, something that’s been denied me lately with the weather being so awful.

The sun was also lapped up by these two.

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