Unexpected lunch

On Twitter today there was a bit of a pile on. A woman asked what people were doing 23 years ago. For some reason this triggered a lot of nasty comments. To be fair, there were also plenty of proper and civilised answers. But I was amazed at how many people were being abusive to such a simple question.

The reason she asked was because today, 23 years ago, Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car crash in a Paris tunnel. Like Kennedy, John Lennon and the Titanic, it’s a natural question to ask if people remembered what they were doing. It seems to me not to be natural to abuse someone for asking it.

Anyway, I didn’t respond but I do remember, quite vividly, what I was doing. I was getting ready to perform in Alan Ayckbourn’s Season’s Greetings in the Blue Mountains. And the only reason I knew that she had died was because we had two English women in the cast. They both turned up in floods of tears. When asked why, they told us.

I’m fairly certain that, apart from the English actors, no-one else was particularly bothered. Though, in retrospect, it was probably a bit odd for them performing in a very English comedy the day Diana died.

This then makes me wonder if they are ever asked to remember what they were doing and they repeat the same story. But with the addition of there being a bunch of heartless Australians in the dressing room. I guess I’ll never know.

Diana aside, today was a Bank Holiday Monday and Farnham was almost at Lockdown quiet when I went shopping. Even the park seemed quieter than usual.

In fact, shopping was a breeze (if I ignore the horrid mask) though I did have a wasted trip to WH Smith. I was wanting to post something (or two) but was informed that the Post Office wouldn’t be open until 10am. I thanked the helpful lady and headed for home.

Since I was at the beginning (or end depending on your perspective) of East Street, I decided to keep walking along the road rather than through the park. This, of course, gave me an opportunity to take a photo of the ex car dealership that was Swain and Jones and which now appears completed, with places for sale.

It took a bloody long time (they started in November 2015) but they appear to be finally finished.

Possibly the best thing about buying one of them is that you would be directly across the road from a furniture shop. How amazing would it be to buy a sofa then just carry it across the street to your lounge room?

Back at home, Mirinda informed me that she wanted lunch today. We generally have an OMAD on weekdays but, because today was a Bank Holiday, she felt it was only fair that we have lunch. I told her there wasn’t a lot of options in the fridge, particularly for salad, which she most wanted.

Just let me pause here for a second. I think today has to be the only time in the 29 and a half years that we’ve been marrried, that Mirinda has actually, willingly, professed to wanting a salad. I was stunned.

Anyway, the options were simple: No salad but something chucked together from the fridge or, go to the Holly Bush and have a salad there. We took option 2.

I had far too many carbs with my chicken burger and Mirinda had two salads. As it turned out, we were too full for dinner which means we actually had an OMAD after all. How odd is life.

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