Robin in the bedroom

Back on January 17, I wrote about the removal of a single stick of Rodeo from the Pedigree packets. I claimed it was a rather cynical attempt to make more money for very little effort. As well as writing about it on here, I also tweeted it, including the Pedigree handle in the tweet.

Quick as a flash I received a request to get in touch with them via direct message. Which I did. Then, three weeks later, they responded.

While I don’t doubt that the person who wrote the above message loves dogs, I’d have thought they could have come up with a better response after three weeks.

If their concern was with our dogs why not reduce the packets to four sticks and reduce the price by a third. This would give them a greater profit but let the consumer decide what’s good for their pets. The thing is, it’s not going to stop me buying them or giving the dogs two each when I’m away, I’ll just have to buy more.

Speaking of the dogs…I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how the cheese is distributed of a lunch time.

Freya stands up and accepts it from my fingers but Emma usually doesn’t. Emma expects me to stand the piece of cheese, on end, in the middle of the kitchen floor where she can guard it against possible Freya attacks.

The problem is that Freya winds up on the wrong side of the cheese so, in order to leave the kitchen and join me in the dining zone, she has to walk by the cheese construction. This means that Emma will spring on her, thinking she’s after the cheese.

To be fair, Freya is generally after the cheese as well. Even so, her love of cheese is not as great as her fear of Emma and she just sits and waits.

Say Cheese!

Cheese Issues aside, I had quite the surprise when I returned home from the gym and shops this morning. I went upstairs for my weekly weigh in and discovered there was a robin in the bedroom. Unusually, the window was closed and the poor thing was trying to get through the glass.

Freya was watching from the doorway so I closed the door before slowly walking to the window. As I reached out and opened it, the robin took fright and flew to the other side of the bedroom. Finding no perch, the robin landed on the floor and decided to investigate under the bed.

Having opened the window and with soothing sounds, I managed to get the robin to come out, hop up onto the window sill and fly away. It landed on the front brick wall and looked back at me. I like to think it was saying thank you. Though it probably wondered where the hell it was.

Robins are pretty attached to their territory and rarely wander too far away. They are generally smart enough to not come into the house, unlike the one today. Mind you, it was still smarter than the collared doves and wood pigeons who often leave their mark on the back windows with their full-on collisions.

It’s quite difficult to see (and I’ve enhanced the foreground a bit to help) but the white mark below is the impression of a high speed crash between dove and fake sky.

Then, late in the day, I found a baby starling flapping around in the greenhouse. I managed to delicately shoo it out into the magnolia tree.

But my day wasn’t all dedicated to bird rescue. I moved a step to one end of the new raised bed and also wedged some bricks under the sleepers where Gardener Dave had sat them directly on the ground.

And, before I forget, when we went up to the park after lunch, the wind was from the west.

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