Fewer olives in a jar

The girls love Rodeos. We call them twisty sticks. They even know what that means. When I ask “How about a twisty stick?” they start bouncing around like excited children with a sugar addiction.

Usually, of a morning, as I leave, I’ll give them two each. This works out perfect for everyone. It works out particularly well because a packet of Rodeos has eight sticks.

Or, rather, they used to.

Today, while shopping, I discovered that the pack had been given a makeover and, along with that, one stick has been removed. I can only assume the removed stick is paying for the change of design because the price has stayed the same.

It reminds me of the story about the olive producer who asked his marketing manager how he could make more profit. The marketing manager suggested taking one olive out of each jar. It wouldn’t impact the customers over much with the added bonus of an extra jar for nothing after a while. The producer adopted the idea and made more money.

Is that growth? When you remove something to make more money? It feels a bit mean and somewhat insidious to me.

More than olives in a jar, Twisty Sticks are big and losing one makes a difference. Also, does Pedigree not understand prime numbers? Unless someone has either one dog or seven, one pack is never going to work out very well.

Another product that has changed its packaging is Unearthed prosciutto. They used to use clear plastic dividers between the slices (like everyone else) which are just annoying and easily missed. They have changed to opaque ones now.

An excellent idea.

Apart from shopping, I also replaced the doggy door in the laundry. Ages ago Emma destroyed it and today I gave her a second opportunity to prove the power of her paws and jaws. Up till I left the house, she hadn’t touched it.

I left the house because I went up to the flat. I was meeting someone who said she wanted the excess flooring as well as being there for the builder tomorrow morning. He’s coming to fit the curtain rod in the lounge.

As it turned out, the woman who said she wanted the flooring didn’t turn up. Not that it would have made any difference to me. I had to be at the flat over night anyway given the builder is coming at 8am.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    I can see from the picture they also seem to have gone low fat. Maybe that’s where the 8th one went?But that’s not good because it probably means more sugar. You might want to check!

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