Today was Clean the Flat Day…and Move the Bed Four Inches to the Right Day. Regular readers may remember that I moved it four inches to the left last time. It involves completely stripping the bed, removing the mattress and, after dragging the strangely fixed wheel drawer out of the way, shuffling it gradually across the room. Still, it’s now in a much happier place…hopefully for longer than a month.

I then cleaned up while mum sat and read. We then headed off for Greenwich so mum could see the marvellous Painted Hall and Chapel.

She also shouted lunch which was had in the Old Brewery where they make Meantime. I’ve had Meantime beer a few times but never realised the name refers to Greenwich Mean Time because it’s brewed just over the line (30″ to be exact). The room where we ate was decorated with various historical facts about beer in Britain.

Mum had her usual fish and chips which she has now declared not to be her favourite and she’s never going to have it ever again. She doesn’t like how sick it makes her feel. My Cumberland sausages, on the other hand, just made my tummy very happy…as did the Meantime Pale Ale.


Of course, having eaten and relieved ourselves (Overheard by mum: “But mummy, I don’t need to go to the toilet!” He’ll learn soon enough!) we had to visit the shop so mum could buy some more presents. Honestly, she’s going to need another suitcase.

It was then across to the Painted Hall where she was suitably impressed and declared how proud of being British it made her feel.


She then agreed with me about the lovely Chapel before we headed down to the ferry for the lovely cruise down the Thames.

There wasn’t a run in with the Clipper Nazi this time, though we did see her concentrating on trying to count passengers with a stern expression when her fingers would have made it much easier. While the trip was very smooth there was an inordinate amount of strollers on the ferry with us, some without occupants…or drivers. A bit odd.

Mirinda picked us up at Farnham station and, after a bit of shopping, we settled in for the night. A lovely day.

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    But she’s Australian

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