Drinks with the Duke

Most of the day was taken up with unpacking, washing, then putting it away. It was also the day we picked the dogs up.

They were delirious when the woman brought them out and they spotted me. Emma and Freya were so excited they couldn’t stop jumping and licking and tail wagging (it was the first time in a kennel for them) and Freya kept trying to talk. Rather than going straight home, given the day was beautiful we joined the thousands of other bank holiday Monday people waffling around Frensham Little Pond.


They loved it so much that Emma decided to bring most if it home with her which earned her a bath. Actually, they all need a bath to rid them of that distinctive kennel smell. (Mirinda wondered why the owners don’t include, at an extra charge, a pick up day bath.)

We all had lovely long romp, returning to mum in time to make lunch before going out for a drive around our old haunts.

We decided to take her to Haslemere then head to the wonderfully scenic (in the summer months, anyway) Duke of Cambridge pub.


Mum had her now customary mulled wine before we headed back home.

It is like we don’t miss Budapest at all.

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