Maddy Day

Kelly gave birth just after midnight today to Maddy, a sister for Jaxon.

Granny and Maddy

Meanwhile. here in Brittany, Mirinda finally submitted her first article to a journal. Here is the final painful part of the process:

And, while obviously not as painful as child birth, the gestation period felt a lot longer.

While minimal, my involvement was dependent on my IT and editing skills and, therefore essential.

First thing, however, we went down to the port because Wednesday is market day in Locquirec.

The food and produce is at the other end

We bought a whole lot of fresh food to last us the rest of the week before settling down in a cafe for a coffee. And what an amazing spot to sit and drink. The bay and harbour looked a perfect picture this morning, the rain in the night having left everything clean and fresh.

Equally beautiful was our walk along the White Sand beach; the one just behind the gite.

Sable Blanc

Sable Blanc

We headed down after lunch and after the submission of the article. Rather than hordes of screaming kids and annoying surfers, the beach had isolated pockets of older users and pleasant types with dogs. There was one particular dog who absolutely loved the waves and kept going under them to the great consternation of Mirinda. His owner was very watchful though and all was well. He was a bit better than the Alsation that seemed to be guarding the sand against invasion by anyone on a boogie board.

After wandering up then down the beach we headed down the coast to revisit the Parish Close at St-Jean-du-Doigt. It hasn’t changed except for a giant car park that’s being built behind the church. The church was closed (we were an hour late) so we wandered around the close for a bit before heading further along the coast.

St John's finger

St John’s finger

We tried to have a coffee in Plougasnou but couldn’t find anything open. We then tried to leave Plougasnou but this wasn’t as easy as you’d think. We were trying to get to Primel-Tregastel and, it seems, we did but we didn’t know it at the time. We just did a u-turn in a car park and headed back the way we’d come. We ended up at a lovely port in the town of Diben.


We wandered right down the harbour wall (which has a road on it), admiring the rock formations and general ambience of the place. We noticed there were boat trips to a water bound chateau which excited us both (we have since discovered we won’t be here for the sailings so it will have to wait for next time). We then headed back to Locquirec though not before working out what it means when the car keeps telling you that the hand brake is still on.

We had a brief spell at the gite before heading down to the tapas place, La Dame de Nage. It’s not been there long and is very popular. We tried to get in the other night but it was packed. Tonight we booked and managed to squeeze into a small table by the toilet.

La Dame de Nage

La Dame de Nage

Having looked up what La Dame de Nage means I have decided it means mermaid because ‘oarlocks’ (the Google Translate translation) doesn’t seem quite right. Apart from the strange name, the tapas was lovely though I have to say I was rather glad we had a lot of vegetation at lunch because there wasn’t a lot with dinner.

It was then back to the gite for a dose of The Archers then sleep. A lovely day full of wonder, accomplishment and a baby in Queensland.

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2 Responses to Maddy Day

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Wow a very busy day, does that mean Mirinda has finished her project, I love all the pictures and history and as I am writing this just had a tex from Denise, Maddy and her mother Kelly are both home after been cleared she had to go through a few tests for a new born perfect baby said her Gma. Posted your parcel she said 8 working days so all being well Monday week had to take some out but will send that off in a few weeks.
    Love mum xxxxx

  2. Mum Cook says:

    You look so much like your father it was like looking at him all over again thank goodness I have you love you lotsxx


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