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For the last few days, I’ve had a lot of my posts being read in Canada. I don’t know who by. I don’t know anyone in Canada. I’m not complaining. Far from it. And when I say ‘lots’ I’m talking over 80 a day. That’s a lot of reading. So, thank you, whoever you are.

However, here in Tierp I fully intended to go to Örbyhus until I discovered there’s no trains or buses to Örbyhus of a Sunday. So, rather than go and investigate a new place, I decided to wander around Tierp some more.

It was my last day as I’m off to Uppsala tomorrow for a few days. And, to celebrate my imminent departure, I walked around a lot.

My first port of call was a bit sad. The nice café isn’t open on a Sunday (maybe the owner comes from Örbyhus on a bus) so I was forced into buying a coffee at the Coop. It was okay for something self served out of a machine but not a proper latte.

At least I had it outside on a bench rather than alongside the other old men inside the supermarket.

I then set off along the road out of town. In the direction of the house I looked at the other day.

It was ridiculously quiet. Not for the first time, I wondered where everyone was. I did see a few people out walking and sitting on their terraces but not as many as you’d expect given the amount and size of the houses.

Eventually, I turned back and went looking for woodland tracks for Mirinda to explore sometime in the future.

Not far from THE house, I found a path that went off into the woods. I walked a little way into the welcome shade of the trees and found a bench. I had a bit of a rest in the cool solitude. It was a good job I’d thought to bring my book. The sun had returned today and the temperature was a warm 24° so the shady trees were ideal.

After a while, I once more set off heading back into town. Well, as far as Billy Sushi where I had a Japanese lunch of sushi and ramen.

It was very good and made an excellent change from pizza. It was a pity that Billy’s isn’t licenced, because it meant I had to leave for the bar at the guest house for a post lunch beer directly afterwards. I may have had three.

I mentioned the public art in Gävle yesterday. Well, there’s not a lot in Tierp. However, there’s a rather odd and quirky piece I’ve found. It’s near the station and is called Tuff Tuff.

It’s affixed to a wall of a building and looks like a mini 3D tube map. It’s by sculptor, Pia Männikkö and was made in 2121.

It doesn’t look like much and, to be fair, it isn’t really. However, it has an aural component. Voices making train noises come out of the wall on a regular basis. It’s delightfully amusing.

After a few beers and a much needed lie down I went for another short walk before settling down with a book and a few beers in the guest house beer garden.

The tattooed barman told me they had a big party last night (I didn’t hear it) and he didn’t get to bed until 6am. He hadn’t had a drink for nine days and went and got himself totally pissed. He looked pretty seedy. He reckons he’s not going to drink for another nine days, after today of course. He’s a funny guy. I’m going to miss him.

Actually, I’m going to miss all of them when I go tomorrow. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my few days in Tierp.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    So the only site in tierp is tuff tuff??

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