Tuesday night blues

A few weeks ago, Wrexham Athletic Football Club came to Aldershot. The game had to be abandoned because of a water logged pitch. The travelling fans were a bit upset because their team was leading by 2-0 and they didn’t feel enough was being done to squeegee the pitch. A few of the Wrexham players even tried to move some water off the grass, but it was all to no avail.

Tonight was the replay and Nicktor suggested we go.

Before that though, I had to disconnect and drain the old washing machine in the next chapter of the White Goods Saga. Apparently, the new one is arriving tomorrow and, following last week’s debacle, I am going to be ready for them.

Pulling the machine out of its home showed what a few years can do to a space uncleaned.

I figured the instal guys wouldn’t want to crawl around on it and, to be frank, I wasn’t that keen. Sadly, I had to because I couldn’t clean it before disconnecting the old machine. I crawled in and unplugged everything.

I then donned big black rubber gloves, grabbed a bucket of hot water and scrubbing brush then set about scouring it clean.

It wasn’t the nicest of jobs but, once I’d finished, it looked a good deal better.

Much better with a more favourable odour. I hope they appreciate it.

Given I’d not be home for dinner, I made Mirinda a spicy hotpot for hers then set off for the Six Bells for beer, ham, egg and chips and a jolly pleasant chat with Nicktor. Sadly we left the pub for the game. I say ‘sadly’ because the game was, in the kindest word I can think of, pitiful.

There’s been Aldershot games I’ve watched that have been dull, others have involved a lot of hoofing the ball, yet others have been a bit too tippy tappy but tonight was all about a lack of energy or commitment. It was as if they couldn’t care less whether they won or not. Scrubbing the laundry floor had provided more satisfaction.

Wrexham came out with intent and purpose. The played us off the pitch. By the end of the game, they’d scored 5. We had a few shots on target but didn’t manage to put anything in the net. And it wasn’t so much Wrexham winning as us not bothering.

Sad Slabbers

It says a lot that the most exciting thing last night was the kid who won the cross-bar challenge. He took home £680. All we took home were sad memories of a game we’d rather forget.

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