How high does a dog pee?

Whenever I’m forced into shopping on a Sunday, I’m quickly reminded of why I don’t like it. Of course, there’s the weekend shoppers who have no idea how a supermarket works but also, for some reason, the checkouts are manned by unfriendly staff.

Of course, there’s normally a cheery welcome at Starbucks, which tends to make up for it. And that was especially true today when I, unexpectedly, ran into Andrew. He was meeting someone else, so we arranged for a more formal meeting on Wednesday.

As I was leaving, I did notice the only unfriendly person that works in Starbucks emerge from the back office but, fortunately, I was on my way out.

Back at home, Mirinda was Skyping and I set to making a traditional nettle and egg butterball soup. At least I would have done had there been any nettles growing higher than MPH*. Sadly there wasn’t, so I substituted spinach.

I was experimenting with the soup, so I can serve a Swedish meal when Sarah and Nick come over. And, I’m happy to report that it worked a treat.

Dinner was roast chicken and I spent most of the preparation time calming Emma down. She hates fireworks. I spent a good hour on the kitchen floor with her shivering and shaking and looking pretty miserable.

This happens every year. Hopefully, tonight will be the last of the fireworks.

* Maximum Pee Height, which is the height the biggest dog can reach. Generally a very important measure for picking wild blackberries but can also apply to nettles.

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