Stockholm Biker Babes

In a wonderful link between our trips to the island today and yesterday’s trip to Dalarö, the pulpit in the church at Dalarö was given to them when the church at Tyresö Slott was rebuilt. It is beautifully made with inlaid woods. It looks a bit like the wooden pieces at Sorrento though not quite as highly lacquered.

The Guardian told us that the people at Tyresö Slott figured it wasn’t good enough for their brand new church. Well, I say that Tyresö’s loss was definitely Dalarö’s gain.

And, yes, we finally returned to the Island today. Evelyn had missed us and was pleased we were okay. The other lady who fusses over the girls, was also pleased to see us and even gestured me over to a newly prepared table.

It meant stepping ahead of a staggered, socially distanced group of women in motorcycle leathers. Not that they minded. Being the tough, Swedish type, they were going to sit outside.

The women were part of the Stockholm Bike Babes. Formed in 2014, the group was formed when Karin Pontén, a motorcyclist living in Stockholm, wanted to go riding with other, like minded women. She had plenty of men to go riding with but felt more women needed to band together on their bikes.

The group now has over 1,000 members, and they regularly go out for country rides. The group only has three rules: you have to live in Stockholm, you have to have a bike licence, and you have to be a woman. And, from our experience today, they seem a very happy bunch.

We were very happy as well. The soup of the day was goulash and the café at Notholmen was as warm, inviting and busy as usual. Mind you, they’d moved the furniture around a bit.

It felt great to have a normal Sunday after so long being stuck on the sofa.

We then spent a goodly amount of time planning our holiday to Nora and Sunne next week.

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