Taking mobility for granted

It’s been two weeks since I wore shoes for longer than 30 seconds. It’s been two weeks since I was able to venture outside the house, further than our small terrace. It’s been two weeks of me being an awfully impatient patient. But, I survived and turned a huge corner today.

Mind you, I could have been a tad more circumspect.

At one point in the day, Mirinda was talking to Natalie on a Teams call and Nat asked how my foot was. I exploded with how much improved it was. I also raved about how I actually left the house today and went to Norrby’s. I said it was such a relief after being locked inside for two weeks.

Mirinda, quietly reminded me that the UK has been locked away for a bit longer than two weeks and I should shut up and leave the room. I rather sheepishly left Mirinda her tea and dragged my foot back into the kitchen

But, yes, I did go to Norrby’s Trädgård today. I walked (well, shuffled, really) to Max and Mirinda drove us to Norrby’s. I then walked (shuffled) to a seat inside and had goats cheese pie for lunch. You realise how much you take mobility for granted when it’s suddenly returned.

And Norrby’s has had a bit of a revamp.

It’s much more open now. The counter is much less dominant and the people serving have a lot more room. I really like it.

Here’s what it used to look like. This photo was taken from the chairs in the foreground of the above photo.

I also really liked my goats cheese pie though possibly not as much as the cardamom bun I had afterwards. As a treat for a recovering cripple.

Lunch followed this week’s FATN recording which I did along with Robert (who lives in our Farnham street) and Mike R, the engineer. As usual, it went very well though I wasn’t as happy with my letter from Sweden given I only wrote it yesterday rather than a few weeks ago. I must do better.

I find that having a few weeks to write the letter gives me ample time to read, re-read, refine and edit it. It’s a handy lesson.

Mirinda also had a big day, introducing her new line manager to her team. That went very well, from the bit I heard. I kind of miss having to lie on the sofa and listen in, as it were.

Actually, I don’t miss having to lie on the sofa. That, in itself, is a lie.

This isn’t a lie. It’s my delicious cardamom bun from Norrby’s.

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