When white goods turn bad

Camilla, our landlady, was not best pleased this evening. She had been led to believe that the people they bought the tumble dryer from were reputable. As she said to me, her face grim and unforgiving, one failure you can live with, but two?

The thing is, the second reconditioned tumble dryer we’ve had is also not working now. And it’s not something as simple as the band needing replacing. This time, it’s giving a good indication of being irritated. All the lights are on at once, and it beeps. What it doesn’t do, is tumble. Or dry.

All had been fine throughout the day. Being a Tuesday, I tend to work my way through the washing. It was the last load of the day out of the washing machine. I cleared the fluff filter, emptied the water and put the damp clothes in the dryer.

I turned the dial and it started its irritating beeping. And that was that.

I tried everything I could think of. I even managed to decipher Anders’ handwriting and work out which fuse to pull out in order to try and reset the machine. That didn’t work. I removed and cleaned out the condenser – which was filthy. That didn’t work. I gave it a good thumping. Again, that didn’t work.

Something I did discover, quite accidentally, is that the Swedish dial has a removable cover. Underneath it is an English version that has been printed directly onto the machine. Had I known this when the machine was originally installed, it would have been a lot easier to work out how to use it. Clever idea by Bosch but annoying that no-one tells you about it.

And so, at 8pm, Camilla and Anders came over to repeat everything I’d done without success in order to achieve their own lack of success. They were not happy. Camilla even filmed the dryer not working – she filmed it twice, not to be certain but because the first time she’d filmed the floor – in order to show the ‘reputable’ white goods company what was happening.

I’m sure they are going to think I am a jinx.

Apart from the dryer drama, my day was pretty much devoid of anything worth reporting. So, here’s a photo of Emma and her frozen stick.

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