Snowy joy

We had a lovely lot of snow last night. I know a lot of people don’t like snow, but I’m definitely not one of them. I love it. I think it makes the world look so much nicer. And, of course, I do rather like the cold.

As can be seen in the above photo, Max is covered in snow and ice. The other evening, on our constitutional, we watched a couple of women trying to gain access to a car in a similar situation. They were unsuccessful as the ice and snow had frozen everything shut up tight.

Seeing the issues the two women were having, I have decided my new job each morning is to free Max from his icy cloak. That’s why I bought the scraper yesterday.

I also had a wall of snow to clear away from directly behind the car. When the snow plough goes by, the snow gets piled up on the edge of the footpath. I took the shovel to it and had the wall flattened in no time at all.

Having the shovel in hand, I figured it made sense to clear the footpaths to the house as well. In fact, I was quite industrious.

Mirinda, in the meanwhilst, was wandering the local streets, walking and talking while the girls had fun in the snow. She returned, all aglow with the -7° crispness and snowy joy.

I have a Talking Newspaper recording tomorrow so half of today was spent preparing the clippings and running script. I managed to find a few stories that didn’t mention the virus. It wasn’t easy.

Late on, I took the girls outside and, as the snow fell, I threw a frozen stick for Emma to chase and return. I also collected some fire wood to, hopefully, dry out.

Mirinda had her first Town Hall of the year at 5pm and, afterwards, we went for a walk around the streets. While we didn’t see any discarded Christmas trees (from yesterday) we spotted a few houses that had removed their lights. Or, rather, turned them off.

I think the lights will all come down this weekend. Mirinda hopes not but we shall see.

It felt like quite a productive day. And, to top it off beautifully, I made a delicious frittata for dinner.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Just for clarity my walk and talk was a work meeting! Or rather 2 meetings!


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