My so-called life (story)

It seems that when you order something through it might get delivered to your house. It is also a possibility it will be delivered to the nearest post office. Experience has taught me that if the item is supplied from Sweden, it will go straight to your house. If, like the upright mouse I purchased a few days ago, it comes from, say, Germany, then it goes to the post office, and you have to go and pick it up.

And so, once again, I found myself heading for Sågen.

It was the perfect day to go outside. After snow overnight, the sun came out, the clouds rolled away, and everything was beautiful.

Mirinda went for a two hour walk in the forest and came home saying it was the most beautiful walk she’d ever been on. Her cheeks were rosy and her smile very broad.

My plan had not been to go to Sågen. I was being interviewed by Ann for the up-coming monthly FATN Magazine so, after exercise and a shower, I settled back on the bed upstairs and, basically, had a lovely chat with Ann…Charles lurking somewhere in the background. Ann threatened to feature me a while ago, but we’ve only just caught up. According to Charles, there’s enough material for two magazine editions.

Then, after our chat and Mirinda’s return, I headed down to the bus stop.

There was a lot of snow removal action around the place. A big gritter, a couple of snow ploughs, householders with shovels. It was all happening and just goes to show how used to the situation they are here.

At Sågen I was confronted with a big grader on the footpath (that’s how they keep the footpaths useful) and then a big frozen lake outside the Hemköp.

Because I didn’t have my skates with me, the mini lake meant a bit of a detour to the post office. This did give me the opportunity of snapping a picture of a small statue.

The piece is called Ungdom (Youth) (1973) and was made by Axel Wallenberg (1898-1996). Axel started off studying accountancy but then, sensibly if you ask me, switched to art. His sculptures are all over Sweden, from north to south. He also made a load of medals, metal railings and other decorative pieces. He won awards for his works and was regularly exhibited. He was very well regarded. And rightly so.

However, I felt a bit sorry for the naked youths. They looked a bit chilly. Though, I rather liked their snow hats.

Given I’m an old hand at picking up parcels from Post Nord, I was in and out in ten minutes and back home in under and hour. All sorted and now Mirinda has a weird, upright mouse to help in her wrist issue.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    They look like white woolly beanies!


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