Tasting the house red

Tonight, being date Night, we ate out. For the first time in a very long time, we were able to go to Cote. This is Mirinda’s favourite restaurant that’s not a celebration restaurant. It’s something we’ve been looking forward to though I was a bit concerned that the menu would be greatly reduced. I needn’t have worried. The menu (and the food) was perfect.

Next to us was a big round table with a party of golfers. All men, they spent most of the meal talking about a particular par 3 that all of them disliked. A lot.

The only reason I bring the party of golfers up is because, apart from being mostly single subject dull, one of them confused the waitress by asking why her house was red. She was taken aback. Frankly, we were a bit surprised as well.

It turns out, he was actually asking what wine the house red was.

Once she’d told him, relieved that he didn’t know where she lived, he asked if he could taste it before ordering. Maybe this is the new normal however, I have never heard anyone ask to taste the house wine in a restaurant before. The reason for tasting a wine is to make sure it’s not gone off. The house wine is, generally, already open and ready to pour so I’d doubt it would be sour.

Whatever, I thought it was quite odd. Still, the waitress brought him over a glass, and he tasted it. I have no idea if he liked it or not because I stopped paying attention after that.

Our meal was lovely. My ham rillete followed by pork belly then creme caramel were all divine. And, I think, Mirinda’s calamari (always brilliant at Cote) and Breton half chicken then ice cream and hot chocolate sauce were equally delicious.

It would be fair to say we had a most enjoyable Date Night.

I don’t think the girls would agree. They were unhappy when we left then went a bit insane when we returned. I think the whole plague thing has meant they are far too used to being with us 24/7. Or 24/24 as the French delight in saying.

In other news of great import…I have started making a podcast. Actually, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. What I’ve started doing is recording a Dimsie book (Dimsie Among the Prefects) for Mirinda to listen to when she has trouble sleeping.

Usually, when she can’t sleep, she’ll ask me to read a chapter of the current Dimsie, which is fine. But, when she wakes up in the long dark reaches of the night, I’m fast asleep. Rather than wake me, she can now just listen to a chapter from the podcast. It’s like I’m there. Twice.

This is an idea I stole from The Sweeney, the match programme for the Guildford City Football Club. Nicktor insisted I find quirky things to include. So, here goes:

Today, this happened

In 1916, Captain Leefe Robinson became the first pilot to shoot down a Zeppelin airship. It was during a German raid over London. The Zeppelin caught fire and crashed in Hertfordshire. For this great feat of flying, Leefe was awarded the VC and started a big trend for downing the gigantic airships. Which was handy because they had become quite the menace.

I’m fairly certain that he wasn’t related to Heath.

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