In bed

Something I rather like doing is creating consecutive blog titles that appear to connect the posts but, in fact, are generally a bit forced. This is a weird thing to enjoy. I have had alliterative titles, rhyming titles, confusing titles even titles in foreign characters but my greatest pleasure is when I can run a series together. Like these last few days.

Thoughts like that one above make me wonder, sometimes, why I bother blogging anyway. Every day. It’s not like I’m particularly obsessive. I give up a lot of ‘things’ because I get bored and move on to something new. I do rather enjoy ‘the new’ when ‘the old’ bores me.

But writing on my blog every day is more than that, I think. I feel, in some small part, like a social historian, marking various things that happen each day as a comment on the world I live in.

That sounds far too grandiose when I mean on the single, human level rather than a world view. This sort of ties in with my archaeological preference for the individual rather than the effects of the big picture on society.

This wheelbarrow I spotted in the park this morning illustrates what I mean.

Litter picking

This is the result of an individual going out and collecting litter from the park. The council has nothing to do with it and, as far as I’m aware, it’s actually the work of a concerned resident. I have seen a couple of people picking rubbish up and putting it in bags. It’s the individual making a difference while the group is concerned with other, bigger things.

Another big difference made today was by Gardener Dave as he (and Stan) worked away on the new raised bed. Poor Stan. Being the youngest, he had to hand saw the sleepers to size. Dave then got out the big drill and connected them with coach bolts.

Of course, as suspected, there wasn’t enough gravel for the base so we went and bought three more bags. This was shortly after the top soil/grit bag turned up on the truck.

Anyway, at the halfway mark, the bed resembled a sort of elongated grave site just waiting for its occupant.

Here you go, Dave

I know it appears that the bed slopes down to the left but that’s just the distortion of the photograph given I had to take it in portrait because I can’t get it all in in landscape. Also this was before the gravel went into the base (that’s what the bags are).

In order to finish the job, we booked Dave and Stan for the whole day. Now it’s just a matter of waiting a couple of weeks for the soil to settle before planting up the lavender. As Mirinda said, if this doesn’t work, we’ll revert to growing them in pots.


All was well.

Mind you, it did rain while Mirinda was walking the dogs at Frensham though not enough to make it less than ‘well’.

It didn’t rain for most of the day and the temperature was quite mild. Which made the garden work easier. And that was ‘well’.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    That’s such a weird perspective- the photo I mean. There is the weirdly long grave – just right for puddleglum. Then there’s the giant Apple which looks normal size so now the grave looks like a fruit box. But then there’s the miniature gardens and now the grave looks like a canyon. Bizarre!


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