In Morocco

Because of yesterday’s rather short and focussed post, I didn’t mention that I had my regular hair cut. It was my usual ten week visit to Cacheta and, as usual, she did a wonderful job. She is also very entertaining. She makes me laugh. A lot. It’s always a pleasure.

Today everything was back to normal. I went into town with my trolley and stopped off in Starbucks. Katy made my coffee and asked what I was up to today. I told her I was making a tagine for dinner and a carrot cake pudding for afters.

At the mention of a tagine she burst out with “Like in Morocco?” I told her that my tagine would be considerably better than the ones I had had in Morocco, my mind having suddenly gone back to Marrakech and the tasteless tagine and couscous I had been subjected to.

The only down side to shopping was the fact that Holland and Barrett were out of bee pollen. Obviously a first world problem however, it makes all the difference when sprinkled on top of carrot cake pudding.

A trip to Holland and Barrett meant an unwelcome trip down the first bit of the Borough where I managed to snap a photo of the new face of Farnham.

One of the many skyline cranes

There was a letter in this week’s Herald about the proliferation of cranes but this is the first time I’ve noticed them down the Borough. Mind you, that’s probably because I rarely walk down there because of the foul air.

Then, walking up Castle Street, I noticed that the Nelson Arms was having something done to its chimney.

This kind of crane I don’t mind

I returned home to an empty house. Mirinda had decided to take the girls to the Holly Bush then to Hankley. She had to go via the garden centre at Frensham because she’d forgotten the dog lead but made do with some garden twine and a pair of secateurs.

It meant I had the house to myself for a few hours during which I whipped up dessert then made a start on dinner (tagine is best cooked for a long time). Soon the house was engulfed in delicious smells which did not remind me of Marrakech.

Tagine ala Chez Gaz

And I really have to comment on the weather. It was almost a spring day with blue sky and sunshine and a mild temperature. Not really February at all.

And I substituted ground up pistachios for the bee pollen.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    It was delicious!But the cranes are annoying. Not only are they ugly they make a high pitched buzzing noise just on the edge of hearing. Why aren’t they silent?


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