When a cow farts the earth moves

Bob arrived at sparrows fart today so, to celebrate, we had a lovely discussion which included the power of farting cows. Using human intelligence as a measure, we decided it wasn’t as bad as vegans make out. We also decided going to Mars was silly.

For some reason, Bob loves landing at Heathrow at around 5am. Poor Carol, I assume, had a very early start to her day as she headed off to pick him up. Hopefully she had a granny nap before hitting the school run.

Having arrived and taken up residence on Emma’s recliner, Bob settled back while I headed to the gym and shopping.

Actually Emma is not happy with Bob. She keeps giving him scathing looks. We don’t know why unless it is because he keeps sitting on her chair. This is entirely possible. She does think she owns four chairs in the house.

Eventually, Bob went to the Bush to check in and have a shower. He also had a lie down but insisted he didn’t sleep.

Mirinda, in the meanwhilst, had a day full of very important phone and Skype calls. This was instead of going into town. Given the ridiculous strike, it was preferable to do it from home.

I took the girls to the park after lunch and ran into Kate, Daisy and Harley who I’ve not seen for ages.

Bob returned for dinner (sea bass on Mediterranean veg) and for more evil eyes from Emma.

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