The world in slow motion

Since the talking newspaper had been cancelled, I decided to go to the gym. The snow didn’t look too thick and there didn’t appear to be any ice. Actually everything looked quite pristine that time of the morning.

Given the absence of gritters, the road conditions were a tad scary and I was very pleased to see the usually speedy drivers going very slowly instead. It made the walk surprisingly pleasant.

The empty bus into Farnham afterwards was not only on time but also quite pleasant. Obviously if you want a reliable bus service, you need to get rid of the passengers.

At Starbucks I bid farewell to Victoria who is off on a south east Asian jaunt for the next five months. Very sad. I’ll miss her.

After a small shop I headed back home. I caught the bus because of the sled action in the park. There’s only been 2.5cm of snow but that doesn’t stop the kids. Unfortunately it quickly turns the slopes into mud so best avoided when walking.

Speaking of snow depth, by the end of the day, when it had stopped falling, there was 4cm on the terrace table which had remained undisturbed apart from a few robin prints.

And, if the Beast from the East wasn’t enough to contend with, Storm Emma struck the south west late in the day. It proved quite nasty to the poor people of Cornwall and Somerset.

Not so bad here in Surrey, though it continued very cold. In fact, it was the coldest March day on record.

Of course, I was safe and warm inside, cuddling puppies. Though not after any of their numerous trips outside to jump about in the snow.

I did feel a bit sorry for our Max, all alone under his white blanket…

…and I kept a close eye on a driver who couldn’t get out of the street late on. He’d turned too soon and found himself unable to reverse because of the icy conditions. I think Neighbour Dave eventually helped him with a rock.

That was our day, really. Not much but snow.

Safely under the ceiling lantern, we all sang “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

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2 Responses to The world in slow motion

  1. mum cook says:

    It looks lovely then i am here in the heat, but still love it so many memorise. love mum xxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    So beautiful. Such a shame I missed it. Not nearly as impressive at Canary Wharf.

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