Our darling girls

When we go away we miss a few things but basically, we love seeing and eating and experiencing new and exotic things so much that the missing is negligible. That is apart from the one thing we always miss, every day: our puppies.

Every time we see a dog (and we saw quite a few poodles in Japan) we are reminded of how much we miss them. Whenever we’re sitting just admiring the scenery, we miss them sitting on a lap snoring (in Freya’s case). I’m sure it’s worse than kids.

Okay, this trip has been better because Sue has kept me up-to-date with any puppy capers on WhatsApp including short videos, which was much appreciated. It assured me they were having almost as good a time as we were.

They came home today all crazy and bouncy and lick-y (in Freya’s case) without a single note of admonition. This is different to the poodles who would often not talk to us after a bit of boisterous hello-ing. Emma and Freya tend to stick to us like strips of reluctant velcro.

I have to say that I rather enjoyed their haircuts. They look so much better than when we dropped them off with their Gaz Hacks.

According to Sue they both had a wonderful time even having their own vacation down to the New Forest where they were spoiled just like normal.

Some people say that the best part of a holiday is the coming home. I reckon the best part is picking up our darling girls.

On the other hand, the worst part is all the packing and washing and drying and washing and…

So, a day spent doing absolutely nothing, my foot stretched out on the lounge. Meanwhile Mirinda did all the unpacking, the washing and drying, the shopping for supplies, etc, etc.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a useless burden.

I’ve been reduced to hauling myself around on the floor by my hands like some sort of sub-continent beggar without legs.

I slept on the lounge last night and will sleep there tonight. At least I’ll have the dogs tonight.

Mirinda went and collected them and they instantly cheered me up. For a bit.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes they want a holiday too. love mum xxxx

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