The First 100

According to Sue (in Starbucks) the newer members of staff are always a bit tentative when making my coffee. They are also frightened when it comes to other regulars Kevin and Michael.

She told me after Erika, who was making the coffees today while Sue took the orders, swapped. The thing is, Erika has made my coffee before but Sue reckons they get a bit stressed when the place is busy and are worried they’ll get it wrong.

What we didn’t get wrong was our trip to Frensham today. It looked stunning in the dying rays of the day.

Just a Frensham sunset

I love it when the reeds turn to straw as the sun sets…though, to be fair, the sun actually went behind some clouds today rather than below the horizon.

The walk was lovely and we saw a lot of other dog walkers with all imaginable type of dog. Possibly because the weather was a bit iffy (it rained just before we left home then started again as we pulled into our drive afterwards) there were only friendly, probably local people.

It’s been a while since I felt up to walking around the pond and I was in two minds today but I’m very glad I did. And naturally I took a video.

In Hot Off The Press News…Mirinda has decided (almost) on what her doctorate will be about…maybe. She announced at dinner that she’d narrowed it down to three possible options. I thought option 3 was the best one. She wants to now write a proposal for her proposal for the work…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    oh dear so how long will that be . Golden beach I don’t think so.
    Love mum xxx

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