The end of the cathode ray

Today I went up to the flat in order to meet someone who, for a little greasing of the palm, would remove the old TV and never bring it back.

Before leaving for town, I sent Nicktor off to work for his important, far-too-early-in-the-day meeting then pottered around the house. I also did a few website amendments for the U3A and some general admin in the office.

Mirinda decided to work from the flat today so we decided to have lunch rather than dinner so I picked up some delicious French goodies from Paul, which has a handy cart in Canary Wharf. While being served, I noticed a huge crowd, milling around a chap signing books. Baguettes in hand I decided a closer look was warranted.

At the end of a very long queue sat Michael Palin, signing copies of his new book, Brazil, which ties in with his new TV series about his travels in the country. The area immediately around him had been roped off in order for the non-book-buying public to glimpse him as he scribbled and chatted with the book-buyers. I reckon there’ll be a few happy Palin fans this Christmas.

He seems a lovely, affable chap on TV and, in public, he seemed even more so. He didn’t just sign the books but chatted with each of the people, smiling broadly and seeming to enjoy every minute of it. It made me wish I’d bought a book, just for the apparent pleasure of meeting him.

I snapped a few photos instead then walked across to the flat where we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.

One of the many books he signed

At about 3 o’clock, two very nice chaps turned up wearing fluorescent jackets, dripping from the horrendous storm that had recently swept through Canary Wharf. I warned them that the TV was ridiculously heavy and they should take care. However, they knew their business and hefted it easily between them and took the monster away. I didn’t wish it any sort of farewell simply because I didn’t like it very much.

I was going to remove the non-working microwave from the kitchen but didn’t have the correct tools so I put it back for a later time. The thing is, the built-in microwave was broken when we bought the flat, a stand-alone microwave replacing it on the workbench. Where the broken one sits is a perfectly usable shelf where Mirinda could store her cereals. This situation will be rectified soon.

Seeing as we had lunch rather than dinner, I managed to get home at a decent hour of the evening to the crazy poodles.

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One Response to The end of the cathode ray

  1. flip100 mum says:

    Wow fancy you seeing Michael Palin as Lorna’s daughter has gone to the same place as he showed us on TV last Sunday I think I told you about there trip on the phone Lorna has been watching him as well.
    so sad about the TV hope you said a few words.
    love mum

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