Sky arrival

Chucked a sickie as Sky was coming to install today (some vague time between 3 and 6) and I needed to be there.

The weather had turned cold but at least the rain had stopped.

I pottered around the house. The Sky guys arrived at 5:30. I was their last job of the day. Subsequently their faces lit up with joy when I told them we already had a dish. This meant the whole operation took about 15 minutes…though I had to wait a couple of hours for the channels to kick in. Eventually they did.

Coincidentally, the Seinfeld episode on tonight was the one about Cable Boy. Such a cack.

What with all the excitement over Sky and Mirinda coming home on a Monday night, I completely forgot to ring mum and dad at the usual time. I remedied that by calling at 10pm. We talked till 10:45pm.

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