After Angus

I woke this morning to a terrace full of leaves. This is a result of the overnight winds from Storm Angus. There was a lot of wind and rain though we weren’t as badly affected as the Isle of Wight. There were (and continues to be) amber weather warnings sprinkled liberally throughout the island with floods predicted at Yarmouth.

Not that the weather stopped me walking into town for the shopping…though considering the stiff breeze I left my hat at home. I do love a blustery Autumn day. Leaves, birds and small children floating by on the strong winds, the temperature just right. Well, just right for me at least. I noticed a lot of people completely rugged up to the extent that they resembled overstocked trestle tables at a charity shop. My t-shirt and shorts looked a bit odd.

I then spent a delightful half hour in Starbucks writing yesterday’s blog post. Regarding my conversation I wrote about yesterday with the South Australian, Gracie (at Starbucks) claimed I do, in fact, look Australian.

After buying the necessaries for Persian roast chicken, I headed back home, batting away stray leaves which kept trying to stick to my forehead.

Autumn in the Park with Gaz
Autumn in the Park with Gaz

The day was not exactly conducive to a country walk so we went for a work out at the gym. An hour later I felt completely energised and ready for a good lie down…just kidding. I would have tackled something in the garden had the weather been a little nicer. As it was I returned to library cataloguing while Mirinda hit her studies. The puppies were just sad.

Speaking of the puppies, I forgot to mention that on Friday, while I was walking back to South Ken tube, I spotted Emma’s double. She looked to be about two or three months old and was identical to her at that age. I was amazed as the colour is so rare, let alone the extraordinary beauty. I wanted to go and say hello but it was the other side of the crush of pedestrians, going in the wrong direction so…well, it was impossible.

Back at home…the roast was very nice (including my second attempt at berenjenas with molasses rather than honey – much better) and very low in carbs. And for our pre-sleep entertainment we started watching an Australian series called Offspring that has suddenly turned up on Netflix. Very funny it was too.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I love the winds to so long as they are not to strong that they can pick me up lol very humid here This time last year I was with you both and the three puppies today all on my own. How can you look Australian only when you speak, like me as soon as I talk people say your a pom all these years never lost it.
    Love mum xxxx

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