Three days is not long enough to see Rome but we made a good fist of it. Here's just a few photos of our trip which was made for me to put in a bit of research for my dissertation. Dawn was the only person crazy enough to accompany me.

wet_small.jpg hotelview_small.jpg colosseum_small.jpg gaz_small.jpg
colosseum2_small.jpg dawn_small.jpg colosseum3_small.jpg colosseum4_small.jpg
colosseum5_small.jpg piazzapopolo_small.jpg romulusandremus_small.jpg gaz2_small.jpg
forum_small.jpg archofseverus_small.jpg archofseverus2_small.jpg templeofsaturn_small.jpg
templeofsaturn2_small.jpg dawn2_small.jpg templeofcastorandpollux_small.jpg forum2_small.jpg
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