What was wrong with the gite?

Here is my diary entry regarding the gite:

A list of things wrong with this gite -

  1. Everything is cheap and so does not work very well
  2. The drying rack is too light and just falls over with any breath of wind
  3. The floor in the upper storey creaks like the bones of 120 year old footballer - I assume because the floor is far from level
  4. Mirinda thinks there are rats in the roof but this is yet to be verified, particularly the rat that is spying on her through the knot hole above the bed
  5. There is a clay pigeon competition on over the road
  6. The road, though advertised as quiet is actually quite busy
  7. The lower floor of the gite is absolutely freezing - that's MY opinion as well as Mirinda's
  8. There were about 6 sheets of rough toilet paper when we arrived
  9. The bath towels are very thin, I assume because they cost about 1 euro each
  10. The lounge is a foam thing that only a dead cat could find comfortable
  11. Generally the place is not clean
  12. The gite is surrounded by concentration camp issue barbed wire - this is to keep the invisible cows out of the equally invisible garden
  13. The bed is very small and made for short midgets with no arms
  14. The bath is not fixed to the bath housing
  15. All handles and bannisters are faintly and distastefully sticky
  16. The kitchen units are skewiff and therefore nothing shuts properly
  17. The single armchair broke when sat on - upon inspection this was because it was repaired very badly (and cheaply) having broken previously
  18. Although there's a full size washing machine there is no washing line and the drying rack...see point 2 above

Upon our return to the UK, we had a letter from the holiday company we booked the gite through, asking us to fill out a customer satisfaction form and return it to them. As at 16 May (a month later) 2004, we have had no reply to my comments which included the above 18 points. Odd when they state that by filling in the questionnaire we will ensure that they "...continue to maintain the very highest of standards in our holidays...". I assume that this is not the same level of highest as I expect. Mind you, my name has been entered into the free holiday prize draw. I could win a holiday up to £500, I assume at another sub-standard gite. Oh, for joy, for joy. If anyone would like the holiday, should I win it, just drop me a line.

Anyone wishing to book accommodation through these people can do so. Interestingly, the Friadel property appears to be no longer listed and the property reference number brings up nothing. For future avoidance information, the property reference is W11733.