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Emma does Hankley

This afternoon was Emma’s first trip to Hankley. And she loved it. As Mirinda said it was a synaptic overload of new things. In the nature of the usual Sunday, the morning was spent at ease (shopping, Skyping, etc). In … Continue reading

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Everything’s big in America

To celebrate our penultimate bus trip, Day-z decided to throw up on my lap this morning. Talk about embarrassing…and smelly. I blame myself. Yesterday, the vet gave me some antibiotics for her. While it’s fine at night because I can … Continue reading

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Rabbits on the Moon

Today I found out about Chang’e, the Chinese Goddess of the Moon. This can be a bit confusing though because she wasn’t so much a goddess OF the moon as a goddess stuck on the moon. Legend has it that … Continue reading

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Merry English Christmas

There’s one thing worse than ingesting four separate varieties of fish for Christmas Eve dinner…when they swim back upstream in the middle of the night. I woke up, sometime during the dark, all hot and sweaty. We haven’t had the … Continue reading

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New York – London

I would love to say it was a pretty uneventful flight home…but it wasn’t. In fact, the events were thick and fast. It was late at night (plane time, clearly) and most of us were uncomfortably asleep when a loud … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the anniversary of Nicole’s friend’s death – the hit and run – so she and a bunch of her close friends all met up to cry a bit and drink excessively. This morning, Nicole, by her own admission, … Continue reading

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