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Hedges and boats

Up bright and early this morning then, realising my mistake, I went back to bed. Up at a proper holiday hour and a leisurely start to the day, we headed out for a garden visit. Following a long and arduous … Continue reading

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Pride of the fleet

Today was an exceptionally good day. Ten days ago I just happened to be watching Twitter when a tweet came in, talking about HMS Bulwark and giving a link. I clicked the link and discovered about the open day. I … Continue reading

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The Farnham experience

We had a visit from Belinda and Tim today. Belinda is Mirinda’s cousin and Tim is her husband. We went to their wedding back in May, when we were in Australia. They are presently on a world tour and popped … Continue reading

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Champion Kenyan

Last year, the Tour de France was won by a Belgian claiming to be British. This year, it was won by a Kenyan claiming to be British. Unlike last year, Chris Froome (this year’s winning rider) is very quick to … Continue reading

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Cars for boats

The traffic into Surfer’s Paradise was horrendous this morning. It took us 45 minutes to go on a journey that, normally, takes 15. What made it worse was that the Hassells were in the same traffic jam though, fortunately, a … Continue reading

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Partly naked Alice

We thought the marionettes doing opera was bizarre enough but tonight we witnessed a truly surreal performance at the Black Light Theatre. We saw an ad for the show yesterday. It promised a fantastic trip beyond Wonderland for little Alice … Continue reading

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