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Horror trains from Bath

Mirinda is at her DBA residential this week so I said I’d go with her in the car and take the trains back since it was so easy last time. I have to say that the last time was a … Continue reading

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Mirabeau is weird

One of the odd things about France is how a lot of places are closed on Wednesdays. Even odder is how places that are supposed to be open on Wednesdays are inexplicably closed on a Wednesday. Like the Salon de … Continue reading

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Following Linda’s advice

The dogs went on holiday today. The usual city-break at Frensham kennel. It’ll be tripe and…well, tripe is more than enough. Since they were intent on going away, we decided it would be a grand idea to pop up to … Continue reading

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Linda’s big day

Linda did very well today. It’s the first time she’s been to Portsmouth and there was no fuss, no phaffing about. All easy peasey, lemon squeezy. Linda is our SatNav. I was all for naming her after some obscure goddess … Continue reading

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