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Heathrow terminal 4

This morning I went to Heathrow to meet an Etihad plane. The coach ride in was remarkably smooth and, surprisingly quick. In fact, the Heathrow app on my phone was telling me their plane was going to land an hour … Continue reading

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Breaking down in France

It was rather noisy in our sea-view room. It was also quite warm. I suppose both problems could have been solved by closing the window and setting the air conditioning to -10 but it would have felt wrong. The experience … Continue reading

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Memories and feet

We had a lot of reminiscing today. Firstly Mum told me all about her unofficial delivery job with Nestles. When she worked in the office, she would go down to the production line and be slipped the odd chocolate by … Continue reading

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Bad Chinese

I guess the clue was when our dinner was delivered by a Schumanian instead of the usual Chinese chap. Of course, by then, it was too late. It’s a bit sad but the Colony Chinese restaurant delivered what would have … Continue reading

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The end of Beijing

Well, I’m finally sitting on our lounge, Radio 3 playing some classic music I’ve never heard before and Mirinda fast asleep upstairs. It was a longish, uninteresting flight home (though appeared to be full of tour groups rather than individuals … Continue reading

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Heading to the Loire

We rather like the Hotel Chateaubriand but I’m not that keen on the way they organise their wifi. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very pleased they have it and it’s free (actually, if they didn’t have it we’d stay somewhere … Continue reading

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Vánoční prázdniny

Last Christmas, Mirinda & I were in different Australian states, missing each other. It was the first Christmas we had spent apart in 19 years of marriage. While it was great to spend it with our families, we both missed … Continue reading

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London – New York

The weather this morning was horrendous. Too much rain, very windy, humid. Not at all pleasant. For some reason known only to the rain god, I was spared a drenching when I went for my hairdressing appointment. Gordon, my hairdresser, … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

Up and out of the hotel by 9 and at the ferry terminal by 9:30. We checked in and waited then queued and waited then went through security, just missing the bus to the ferry and so, we waited. The … Continue reading

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Bicentennial Man

Woo hoo! This is my 200th post! Amazing. Just think, I’ve been writing my blog now for 200 days. Of course, the more blog entries I make, the harder it is to stop. Not that I’m going to stop. I … Continue reading

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