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Technology and other curses

While I was suffering the constant rain of the British autumn, Mirinda was putting up with the beautiful weather in Doha. She did have to attend a few meetings today but had a break when they all went to the … Continue reading

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Heading for China

Yesterday, a certain person left her eReader at the flat. So another certain person was put onto eReader purchase duty today. I’d planned to go into town, anyway (the cab wasn’t due until 1:30pm) so it was just something else … Continue reading

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Through the keyhole

I managed to zoom in to the photograph of the blue door so that Mirinda could glimpse through the keyhole…just like she always does. In true CSI fashion…this is the best I could manage… Ah, the beautiful garden. All green … Continue reading


Essential maintenance, indeed!

You could have knocked me down with a feather. I leave home before Waitrose opens, specifically to go to Starbucks first (which opens half an hour earlier). This works out very well. I tend to chuckle at the hordes waiting … Continue reading