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Art goes pop

Today was the last chance for me to spend some time with Karen before she flies back to Sydney so we met up for lunch again and then, after work, went to the Tate Modern to see The World Goes … Continue reading

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Frayed leather

What a devastating day! The loop that holds the shoulder strap on my Scaramanga vintage leather satchel broke today. It was very upsetting and I’m not sure I’ll get over it. I’ve written to Scaramanga to see if they can … Continue reading

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Fresh from Oz

A number of weeks ago, I had an unexpected mail from Karen. She was coming to Europe for a conference about museums…actually, the conference is in Istanbul but she’s coming to Europe as well. She had to firm up dates … Continue reading

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I’m a bit reticent to relate this. While it happened back in the 1960’s, some of the people may still be alive. However, it’s such a good story, I’ve decided to go with it. In order to protect those that … Continue reading

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Seeing art without eyes

Odd but it seemed like every second person I overheard today was Australian. The biggest surprise was as I was walking around the Musee de Beaux Artes, taking in a bit of religious art. A couple with a stroller (and … Continue reading

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Gothic strawberry

Mirinda’s Reading Group recently read The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole (the son of Britain’s first Prime Minister) and it was suggested that the group, along with other halves, visit his house at Strawberry Hill. Today was the day … Continue reading

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Preventing disaster

Kevin update Today Nick at Work was talking about something and he happened to mention Kevin. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to broach the subject of his disappearance. ME: So, has Kevin gone then? NICK: [Eyes downcast, voice … Continue reading

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Beauty defined

I haven’t been to an exhibition for ages so, when Mirinda said she’d be working from home today, I immediately booked myself into the British Museum to see Defining Beauty. The exhibition takes a lot of Greek statues and puts … Continue reading

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Pre-Raphaelite Honeymoon

Richie Benaud died today. He had skin cancer and was 84. Cricket will not be the same without him. He loved the game and was a great ambassador. Australia never lost a series when he was captain and his commentating … Continue reading

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After a glorious sleep in, we finally emerged from our luxurious hotel room in an actual sunny day. Each day so far has been quite grey with ocassional drizzle but today was beautiful…cold, but beautiful. Of course, we took breakfast … Continue reading

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