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Today, at lunch, I was unexpectedly joined by a chap from Perth. There were very few spare seats in the museum restaurant and, seeing as I worked there, he asked if he could share my table. I naturally said yes and he sat down opposite.

He asked if I was Australian and, when I said I was from Sydney, told me he was from Perth. He’d gone travelling in the 1990’s and wound up in London where he met a girl and married, settling down for the next 13 years. And now he’s going back.

He’s a bit fed up with the weather and, even though his dad has told him that recently the temperatures remained at 29, even in the middle of the night, wants to go ‘home’. His wife has never been so she’ll get a bit of a surprise.

His mother and father were British and immigrated out to Perth when they were young. In his mother’s case, as a babe in arms. His dad was a £10 Pom like we were but, he reckoned, his mum was a £5 Pom, because she went in the first wave.

Eventually they met, married and had him. And then he moved to the UK where he imported small toys to sell at museums. He warned me about these toys, which he is going to sell before leaving for Oz, saying they cost £12 but don’t last very long. He demonstrates them in the museum shop and when a child asks how the magic works, he tells the parents the answer is in the box. Apparently it works every time.

Anyway, it was a pleasant way to spend half a lunchtime even more so because he looked remarkably like Russell Crowe. So much so, that he could have BEEN Russell Crowe. Maybe he was Russell Crowe and was studying for a part.

Tonight we had tickets for this month’s Girls and Guitars gig at the Maltings. We were happily sitting in the lounge, post-dinner, watching an episode of The Mentalist (which I’ve successfully introduced Mirinda to) when I happened to glance at my watch. It was 8:20.

Some unknown (but kindly) force made me get up and look at the tickets. Normally G&G starts at 9pm but, for some reason, the time has changed to 8:30.

The DVD was put on pause, the poodles were thrown out and we were away in about three minutes.

Tonight’s ‘Girl’ was Jess Morgan. She’s from Norwich and looks to be in her early twenties. She has a lovely voice and an appealing face. She has a website here where you can sample some of her music.

Jess Morgan at the Maltings

Jess Morgan at the Maltings

However, while we love going to G&G, we will never make the mistake of getting there late again.

The room they perform in doesn’t hold that many people (it’s the cafe) which gives it a very intimate feel however, once the main tables are taken, all that remains are a few tables around the corner of the room. This means you don’t really get to see her without craning your neck around the brickwork.

This is bad enough but then you have to put up with one of the organisers and his lady friend sitting at the next table talking, reading the paper and generally being annoying. I don’t remember paying to listen to him and feel it’s a bit unfair if he shares the takings with Jess because she was far more entertaining.

Jess Morgan and someone's head

Jess Morgan and someone’s head

Still, even though I didn’t see that much and Mirinda complained about not seeing Jess’s guitar style, we enjoyed listening to her. And, next time, we’ll be arriving nice and early!

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2 Responses to Russell Crowe

  1. Mirinda says:

    She looks a bit like Goldie Hawn in these piks. I still enjoyed but yes next time we need to go early, have a drink and nab the sofa.

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    I agree early is the way to go to anything. Fancy Russell Crowe but think not as I read in the Sunday paper he is here and less he can split in half.
    love mum x

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