Wrong day

The Talking Newspaper roster is prepared well in advance and without fail, there are a lot of swaps. (I’ve probably mentioned this before.) So far, I’ve managed to keep on top of my rostered days…well that was before today.

Off I trotted at 10am, all happy and eager to read the Haslemere and Liphook edition. I collected the papers from the newspaper office, popped into the post office to post a letter, had my usual coffee in Starbucks then headed for the studio.

I said hello to everyone (particularly Peter who always enjoys chatting to a ‘colonial’) and started to set things up. Then Heather (one of the readers for the first group) said she didn’t see my name on the roster. I laughed this off but then thought I’d better check. Heather was right. Another presenter had already swapped with me and she was on today.

Feeling pretty stupid, I packed my things up and left with Peter’s laughter and promises that he wouldn’t say anything ringing in my ears. Talk about stupid!

And, this is for mum. Here are the daffodils in all their glory in front of the office. They are nearly all out and the sun was shining gloriously.

Pretty yellow daffs

Pretty yellow daffs

I still feel like a prize winning idiot.

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2 Responses to Wrong day

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Thank you for my Daffodil picture lovely, next time make sure you write it down, which day you are on I wont rub it in.
    love mum x

  2. Mirinda says:

    The photo does not do the daffs justice.

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