Continuing the trades

Today we had a visit from Glen (his real name…I know because he gave us his card). He’s a builder.

For ages we have tossed up between getting an extension and moving. The last time we thought about an extension, it was of massive proportions and would have cost as much as the house did with little chance of return on sale. This time, Mirinda has created a much more reasonable design.

And it’s not just reasonable. Glen gave us a (really) rough guestimate and it’s also quite affordable. The next step is to get an architect in to give us some proper drawings.

In terms of time, Glen reckoned the job would take about five or six weeks. It will probably be a major upheaval but well worth it in the end.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Sounds good you should be able to manage that 5 weeks is not to bad if you do it the same time as you put the dogs in the kennels.
    love mum x


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