The Beast from the East

This morning, on the Today programme, John Humphries, a man of my own heart when it comes to the irritating noise made by leaf blowers, claimed the cold this morning was due to the chill wind blowing in from the east. He dubbed it the Beast from the East. Boy, was he right.

The Beast blew all day, bringing with it flurries of snow on a breath straight from the North Pole. The snow didn’t settle (given it was being blown hither and thither, that’s understandable) though it was certainly cold enough.

It’s days like today that central heating is a blessed relief!

It’s also days like today when I realise why my office needs a heater. I spent rather a lot of time in it today but would have been frozen if not for the warmth rising from the little unit on the wall.

Of course, the poodles never seem to feel the cold and just snuggle up to me on the back of the office chair. This means I have about six inches to sit on but it’s better than having one on my lap which makes typing rather difficult.

I have been asked by the publicity guy from FATN to overhaul the entire website. While this is basically just a question of recoding a lot of it, it has also required a rather complex bit of script which has taken a while to develop.

The previous script only worked on Internet Explorer. This was fine when IE was the browser that everyone used but these days, we have a lot more choice and sites need to work across all of them.

In fact, a quick look at the official W3 stats shows that IE hasn’t been dominant since 2008 when it had almost 52% of the browser users compared to 41% for Firefox. These figures have rapidly changed (downwards for IE) over the years. Last year, the share was 17% (IE) and 34% (Firefox).

While a lot of the reason is because of the appearance of new browsers (like Chrome, which Mirinda absolutely loves) a more indicative reason is because IE hasn’t really improved, being big and clunky. One assumes it’s because Microsoft has been concentrating on their operating system and leaving IE to just drift along beside it.

And Mirinda may be onto something. Last year Chrome was leading the browser field with 41% of users preferring it to any other browser. That includes Mac users with their Safari browser (4%).

Anyway, that’s enough techno babble for one day…it’s back to the howling winds and the breath of the Beast trying to rattle the glass from the window frames for me.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    That’s the sort of thing I was working on minus the dogs, I was in Internet Explorer then tools, options, connections, then click on LAN and a few more bits but unlike you I didn’t understand all of it but at least beginning to know this Window’s 8
    love mum x

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