Early spring

What a beautiful day we had today. The temperature was in double figures and the sky was wonderfully blue. Our crocuses looked lovely as they opened to smile at the sun and the daffs are about to burst into yellow life. Of course, it’s not spring yet but everything had the look of it today.

The puppies loved it when we went for a walk just after lunch and I had two bites of the cherry with my walk into Farnham first thing. As I reached Starbucks, I was met with an unusual sight.

A woman in a bright yellow flouro jacket was standing outside of Waitrose, guarding the entrance, strands of blue police tape criss-crossing the automatic doors behind her. An odd sight, to say the least.

I asked her what had happened. She told me they had had a break-in last night and the place was full of police for a bit. I asked whether they’d be open soon. She shrugged. I went into Starbucks thinking I’d have to go to Sainsbury’s instead.

Half an hour later, having had my latte and written yesterday’s blog, I stepped out to find the tape gone and the woman busy working instore. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The thieves, a rare thing in Farnham, had somehow ripped open the automatic doors and made straight for the cigarette cupboard. They had rifled through the shelves, grabbing what they could and quickly took off into the night.

The cigarette and lottery counter was still taped off (this includes the basket only check outs) and there was a Science Support officer taking photographs, watched by a bored looking WPC. The scene of the crime remained unchanged, packets of cigarettes, lighters, Rizla’s and tobacco were strewn all over the floor and the cupboard stood open, the sliding doors hanging off.

Generally at this time of morning, the basket only check outs are doing a roaring trade and the normal check outs are manned by sleepy workers with nothing to do but wipe things down. Not today though. There were four check outs doing a busy trade in small shopping.

A very exciting start to the day! Set me up nicely for phoning mum and dad, doing website work for U3A and the Talking Newspaper, working on my Project, walking the dogs and dubiously enjoying a Nicktor Night.

A lovely (almost) spring day.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Exciting times in Farnham !!! Lets hope they got caught and hope no one was hurt.
    Love Mum x

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