A few days ago (February 19) saw the passage of our 15 year anniversary of coming to Britain. Every year we go out and celebrate in some nice restaurant or other. Actually, we used to go to St John’s but, of course, that is long gone. This year, we decided to have a special Sunday pub lunch.

We had to find the pub, first. We’ve been to it a number of times following visits to gardens but we can never remember where it actually is. And we knew we’d have to book a spot first as pubs are extremely popular on Sunday’s for lunch.

Mirinda found it, using her little friend then rang and booked. It was obviously busy because we had to book for lunch at 3pm. Still, that was fine since it gave us a good walk around Frensham Little Pond first.

The pond was cold and grim (typical February) but was a good walk for both us and the poodles. It also worked up an appetite or two.

This guy has obviously been told the bus stops here.

The pub we picked is the Anchor Inn in Lower Froyle. It won the prestigious Best Pub in Hampshire award last year, which has to mean something. We know this because there’s a big sign outside, underneath the pub sign, saying as much.

Well, lunch was superb, especially the spotted dick for dessert and the pint of Alton Pride from the Triple fff brewery just up the road. We toasted our various successes and laughed at our failures before heading back home.

Here’s to 15 years
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  1. Congratulations! It sounded lovely! Wow! Those 15 years went fast! I have been in Santa Barbara settled now since 1978! 34 years!!! Its hard to believe. 🙂

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    WOW!!! That is great, hard to realize but it has been a good life for you both.
    Still remember the day you left Jan, 34 is a very long time as well and 54 for us in Aus.
    love mum x


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