El miércoles de la habitual cita nocturna

A few weeks ago, Mirinda’s DVD decided to take the world into its own hands and, at random moments during video playback, kept turning itself off. At first we thought it was one, individual DVD but this was easily proven to not be so. Mind you, it never did it for me.

So, we bought a new one this week and it turned up on Tuesday, all ready for me to install today. Not that that is particularly difficult. It probably took me about ten minutes, nine of which were used in reading the start up guide.

I then put a random DVD in the tray and just let it play while I ran the vacuum cleaner over the carpets.

I then braved the icy winds to meet Mirinda at the wharf where she wasn’t the last one off for a change…very rare.

We decided to have dinner at one of the three restaurants which sit just across from the ferry stop. Mirinda has tried the Chinese restaurant before and we didn’t feel like steak so we decided to try Camino, a tapas bar.

Well, bar is probably selling it a bit short. The first bit you walk into is, basically, a bar which serves tapas. And it was very busy, very similar to Canteen a few weeks ago. It seems that any establishment in Canary Wharf that DOESN’T have a bar as part of its make-up is going to miss out on a lot of business.

Tapas, little bowls of delicious variety, originated in Spain, beginning, some think, as bits of bread or meat which drinkers placed on top of their glasses of sweet sherry in order to keep the flies off. Bar owners then started supplying different types of little treats to the drinkers, making sure they were rather salty to encourage more drinking.

Bar owners would then compete with each other by making tastier dishes to attract more drinkers. This has evolved into a style of restaurant where you choose about six dishes while sipping a glass of sangria.

Camino creates some delicious tapas and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Particular favourites were the Serrano ham croquettes.

It made a delicious change and prepared us nicely for the long, cold, windy walk back to the flat afterwards. It didn’t last long enough to protect me against the Arctic conditions for the trip home though.

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2 Responses to El miércoles de la habitual cita nocturna

  1. Mirinda says:

    It was lots of fun – not just good food but lots of laughter. It’s a good sign when 21 years into a marriage we still make each other laugh.

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    I agree but wait till you are 58 years married and still are laughing together!!
    those dishes sounded very nice and tasty.
    love mum x


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